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Enki (zhejiang) sensing technology co., LTD

Enki (zhejiang) sensing technology co., LTD, is a high-end technical personnel at home and abroad to form a sensor industrialization of high-tech enterprises. Dedicated to provide customers with the data acquisition system based on intelligent sensor and intelligent, information compound networking solutions, the company master the environment intelligent sensor, iot data collector, wireless communication network, the embedded intelligent control terminal and application management platform software core technology.

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The core competitiveness

  • Completely independent intellectual property rights

    Profound technology accumulation
    A number of invention patent
    Software copyright
  • Completely independent research and development production

    Professional r&d team
    Standard production base
    The standard of quality control
  • One-stop customized service

    More understand requirements tailored
    The system integration development
    Special personalization service
  • A sound service system

    Professional marketing team
    And efficient technical support
    Reliable after-sales service

Our solution

  • Wisdom agriculture data control system

    Smart agriculture CS

    With advanced sensor technology, network transmission technology, cloud computing and big data technology, etc
  • Urban environment comprehensive data system


    Urban environment comprehensive data system, mainly for indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, concentration of CO2, light intensity, poisonous and harmful gases, dust and other environmental information for on-line monitoring
  • IoT IoT cloud platform system

    IoT integration

    IoT IoT cloud platform to realize the wireless gateway, wireless sensor nodes, wireless sensor network product data seamless docking
  • Aquaculture environment control system

    Aquaculture environment intelligent control system of comprehensive utilization of the Internet of sensing technology, intelligent processing technology and intelligent control technology
  • Underground integrated utility tunnel control system

    River monitoring

    Will power, communications, gas, heating, water supply and drainage and other engineering pipeline collection in a body
  • Water quality environmental data monitoring system

    Water quality monitoring, monitoring and measurement to the kinds of pollutants in water, the concentration and the change trend of all kinds of pollutants
  • Digital ranch information control system

    Digital ranch is the combination of digital technology and modern animal husbandry animal husbandry production management technology system
  • Rail transit network monitoring system

    Main station of rail transit temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, concentration of CO2, light intensity, poisonous and harmful gases

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